Portugal. Travel to Feel.

“After all, the best way to travel is to feel” wrote Álvaro de Campos, one of the diverse identities of Fernando Pessoa, Portugal’s most famous poet.

We want you to feel proud to be who you are as we feel about our country’s colourful landscape, as a leading LGBTI destination.

Among the 20 most visited countries in the world and considered one of the safest ones, in Portugal you will feel the warmth of the sun and of our people, you will discover tastes and textures of a unique and rich culture. 

The Proudly Portugal project wants to show you the limitless sceneries the country has to offer as a leading LGBTI destination, with meaningful and memorable experiences.

This project aims at the promotion of Portugal as an LGBTI friendly country, showing the value, beauty and power of diversity while reinforcing the importance of local Pride and LGBTI initiatives across Portugal, giving sustenance and permanence to a national movement that will inspire others and make them want to travel.

After all, to travel is to feel.

Two woman holding arms at Mercado de Loulé, Algarve

“Blown away by Pena Palace.
Magical and windy places to discover in Portugal!”

“Portugal is a very LGBTI-friendly country.
I always felt safe when travelling there.

I love Lisbon and its open-mindedness to LGBTI people. Porto and Faro too.”

“Our visit to Porto was very pleasant, we haven’t had anyone reject us or stare at us in restaurants, which was very refreshing and made us feel welcomed.”

What to do

From the north to the south, from ski to surf, from mountaintop castles to lakeside idylls, from urban escapes to island adventures, come feel Portugal’s gentle rhythms and thrilling embrace. Discover what to do while travelling in Portugal.

Historic Routes in Algarve

Travelling alone is something that we recommend for all travel lovers. The pleasure of going wherever you want, whenever you want has no equal. There are countless landscapes and cultural treasures in Portugal. 

Let’s look into Paco’s experience, can you guess where he is?

It’s a Family Day in Loulé

Planning a family trip is more challenging than you might think and the purpose, most of the times, is to avoid boredom, to nurture family time and collect memories for the future. But it doesn’t end here! 

It takes a village and it is worth it! Know Lynn, Laura and little Manuel.

Colourful Vibes in Porto

To follow your dreams is to find a way back home. And travelling is a great way to explore the many paths your life may take, to open horizons and to live different cultures and sights, to connect with incredible people across the globe. 

This is the story of Irina, are you ready to dance?

Surf the Waves of Peniche

The ocean brought Portugal closer to other peoples and cultures, with its discovery adventure in the mid-1400s. With its scenic harbour, the town of Peniche presents a dreamy landscape, with white windmills, chapels and sandy beaches. 

This is the ocean where Guillermo swims. 

Love has a name at Quinta do Lago

Sometimes, travelling to a place just to get away from the routine is just the right amount of adventure you need to lift your spirit up. And part of what makes this escape so memorable is the place and the feeling of owning time to be with your loved ones. 

Love has always a name. Get to know Nick and Paul.