Taste Swiss Food in Lisbon at Edelweiss

A swiss restaurant in Lisbon? Why not?

Some people say “in Rome do as the Romans” but if you are swiss just do it the swiss way wherever you are. Chef Ädu Wahlen definitely knows how to cook good homemade swiss food. So together with Marc, his boyfriend for 24 years, he decided to do just that: Swiss food in Lisbon.

And if that was not exotic enough, they decided to do it in the perfect recreation of a ski chalet from 1974. The Bistro Edelweiss has been there for over seven years and it is still the only place in Lisbon where you can have a cool “après-ski” atmosphere after the perfect beach day!

Contact & Information

Rua de São Marçal, no 2

Working hours:
Every day from 5 pm to 11 pm

Check on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/fZo1oci71oiy5ip1A

+351 930 414 725
Website: http://www.edelweiss-bistro.com

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